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Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation (ABN 14 786 237 480) is a public ancillary fund with endorsement as a Deductible Gift Recipient issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

The Foundation is also a Tax Concession Charity, holding income tax exemption under Subdivision 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Your support for cancer research gives hope to cancer patients everywhere

At Peter Mac, our patients tell us how precious life is to them and how important their loved ones are.

They remind us every day to focus on what really matters. 

At Peter Mac, we see the things that are special in life, like what love really means. What endurance is. What courage is. What true optimism is.

That's why everyone at Peter Mac is working towards a day when we can better prevent, detect, treat and cure cancers.

We get to see the best of life

Your messages of support

I am a 17 year old and currently had my life changing surgery to try and remove my cancer, i have been in hospital for over a week and in and out previously with radiation treatment. it’s not fair for any age, especially those who are so young and have so much to do. i’ll do anything to help

 Thank you for your support 

I survived multiple  myeloma and am now cancer free. The Peter Mac staff were all fantastic and I just want others to have the same success so much more needs to be done

Peter Mac is one of the world’s leading cancer research, education and treatment centres globally and is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to caring for people affected by cancer.

Who are we?

We are focused on providing better care, better treatments and potential cures for cancer.

Research is key

Peter Mac has the largest cancer research site in Australia, with more than 700 researchers, nurses and support staff working in Australia’s most advanced cancer research centre.

Cancer research is the key to discovering new cures and better treatments for cancer.

Modern treatment can be amazingly successful so there is hope for these children.

I lost my husband to cancer last December. My children and I lost a husband and father too young. We need to invest more and fund these researchers to maximise and possible ways to improve and fight these cancers. 

I pray for the day we are cancer free

We should never bury our children for whatever cause but especially for cancer.

I  lost both mother and father to cancer and I understand your grief they lived a life Your son was so young

I want to support cancer research!

I am in remission from Hairy Cell Leukaemia, however it has made me prone to aggressive skin cancers. Long story short, a skin cancer I found in March 2020 has now given me head and neck cancer. I find strength in knowing there are kids in a worse situation, I really can't complain.Thanks Peter Mac for all you do for kids and everyone else, on your own. You are amazing. 

A strong heart and mind with people who love you will help the fight‼️ And yes we need more research because there is so many different types of cancer

This hospital wow I can't praise it enough peter mac is the best cancer center in Australia,  it saved my life & the staff were amazing from diagnosis to treatment & beyond , keep up the great work 

I’m voting because I care

I’ve never got over losing my mother to cancer despite undergoing numerous ops to remove the tumours and lots of chemo therapy- she went through hell but cancer won. Funding for more cancer treatments is beyond vital! 

I hope we find a cure for cancer as I'm going thru it myself. I really feel for the adolescents and small children that have to go through this

Keep fighting! We are here for you xx

Yes I want more funds directed into cancer research 

Please do more research to stop people from dying of cancer.

We need to focus on research that's the only way to get rid of this dreadful disease

All people deserve a chance to reach 3 score year and 10.
Let’s make it happen.

You kids are absolute superheroes! And thank you Peter Mac for doing this!

Lost my son aged 53 but it is only a number and he should not have died from cancer

In remission  myself.  Keep fighting.

Please do more cancer research ! We all know some one that’s battled cancer.

We will overcome!

Bless and prayers for everyone suffering


We need to help those that have cancer

Peter Mac, my eternal gratitude to you for my care, support and treatment.  Your tribe are second to none.  Thank you 🙏🏼 ♥️

What a brave lad Jayden was. Hats off to Lindsay and all involved in vanquishing this insidious disease.

Cancer is a bloody tough enemy. It doesn't discriminate. Please help Peter Mac's passionate researchers as we fight to conquer cancer. Every dollar helps.

Sending love n light to all children and their families going thru this devastating disease. I myself lost my youngest son to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.😭😭 He was diagnosed at 12 and he passed away at 17❤❤ He didn't survive his Bone Marrow transplant 🙏🙏

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Thank you to everyone who has shown their support for vital cancer research, because we must discover more cures and better treatments to help keep more people alive. 

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